Unleash the Strategy Creator in You

About Us

1. Best Algo empowers quant strategy creators with automated creation and storage of back-tested strategies. Prepare your strategy, set your price and share it with the world to invest or trade alongside you!

2. Strategies that have already been established by experienced traders and are provided for you to use and adapt according to your trading style, completely free of charge.

3. No downloads needed. No endless data linking required. Stay stress-free and in full control of your strategies.


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Connect with the global data providers and make smart decisions.

Our backend is powered by advanced technology that allows us to connect withmultiple global data providers and provide our customers up-to-the-millisecond data. This information combined with valuable back testing and portfolio optimization tools enables you to make smart decisions in the global financial markets.

Make your money work for you.

Looking to create some kind of return on your investment in the market? Perhaps you know exactly what you're looking for, perhaps not. Regardless, we've got something for everyone at Best Algo. Create your strategy with intensive back-testing and source a secondary income for yourself.

Trade smarter with social trading.

Have no idea at all what you're doing on the stock market? No worries, because social trading makes it easy to be financially successful with little effort. It makes it easy to take part in these markets with fixed and transparent rules that are accessible on the go.